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Hello and welcome! I’m Ashlyn, wife to Andrew and mother to our amazing son, Koen. I’d like to start off by saying that I am not an expert on really anything here, especially since I am so new to motherhood. I am, however, enthusiastic about learning how to become a compassionate, gentle, and more intentional mother. I am eager to share with you what I have learned and will continue to learn throughout this beautiful and wild season of motherhood.

I have always been interested in everything health related but my interest really escalated when I got pregnant with Koen. I spent hours and hours reading books, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and anything I could to learn as much as possible about intentional parenting and it really excited me!

While it seemed very daunting at first, I quickly realized that my love for Koen and my desire to create a thriving environment for him heavily outweighed my feelings of being overwhelmed. I became eager about learning everything I could from baby led weening & extending nursing, to natural living & homeopathic remedies, to the negative effects of phthalates (and toxins in general), and so on.

Now, if you’re not a researcher (I used to not be, so I completely understand you!), then my goal is to compile all of the information that I believe is important and helpful here into one place where you can easily scroll through and find one that interests you. And if none of it interests you, I’ll also be sharing my favorite recipes and essentials here for you too.

Here is a sneak peek into what I’m excited about;

- Homemaking

- Non-toxic cleaning

- Homeopathic remedies

- Whole foods

- Natural living (food, health, cleaning, etc.)

- Out of hospital birth (and pregnancy care in general)

- Cooking (including homemade meals + snacks for baby)

- Quality over quantity

- Non toxic + natural baby products

- Wooden toys + their incredible, positive effects on child development

- Compassionate, gentle parenting + enjoying your children

- Pregnancy, Labor + Delivery, and Postpartum care + essentials

Parenting can be difficult, but with all of the amazing resources there are, it doesn’t have to be done aimlessly. My goal is to inspire you to choose to become an intentional parent, to enjoy your children, and to become excited about motherhood and everything it entails. As Kristen Bell puts it, there is no such thing as "other people's children", validating the whole "it takes a village" cliche. I don't want parents to feel like they don't have help or that they are in it alone. We should all help each other, share ideas or thoughts, help in the challenging times that parenthood brings, and champion each other in the exciting wins.

I want this to be a place to connect with other mothers, to bring our stories, to share what excites us about being a mama, and to encourage each other! So, leave a comment, send me an email, or find me on Instagram @ashlynbradbury and let's do this together.


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