Feelin' Retro

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I recently decided to step outside of my comfort zone & shoot and edit in a way I normally never would. The results? I'm in love. If you know me, you know I don't necessarily love color... I'm more of a black, grey, and neutral type person. So, asking Maddy to wear orange was way out there for me.

Venue 126 is so versatile, it amazes me every time I shoot there! I shot 5 different looks there this past weekend and every single one looks like it could be somewhere entirely different. From modern to industrial to classy, it's all there. For this retro look, Venue 126 had lots of fun areas to shoot.

We started in the kitchen for some moody shots, cause sitting near the stove is normal right?

Then found that this bright orange door was percent for bright, retro vibes (despite my being against the color at first of course).

Hopped back into the kitchen in a different outfit this time for an unusual background.

THEN. During that last shot I looked over and accidentally found a dusty mirror which turned into the perfect prop for some more artsy photos!

I typically despise sun right in the face for most of my photos, but this perfectly captured the retro feel we were aiming for.

And of course, Maddy killin' it at the end with the "I just don't care" vibes.

I was terrified to edit these images as I thought they'd turn out entirely wrong. The main point I learned from this shoot is to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT than my normal style here and there. It sparked so much inspiration for more styled shoots!

Model: Maddy Bradbury

Photographer: Ashlyn Bradbury Photography

Venue: Venue 126